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Process Multiple Nutraceutical Products with Ventilex Fluid Bed Systems

A fluid bed dryer or fluid bed cooler from Ventilex offers application flexibility allowing you to process a wide variety of nutraceutical products in a single system. Advanced PLC and MCC controls and a user-friendly, intuitive interface let you adjust time, temperature and moisture levels to suit the properties of each material. The material is never heated or dried more than necessary which guarantees predictable, top quality results.

Fluid bed dryer-cooler for vitamin producerWhether used for drying, cooling or product conditioning, our fluidized bed dryers consume less energy than traditional equipment offering cost-efficient operations with long term savings. Superior construction is offered in a variety of materials including stainless steel and customized to your requirements. This increases operational efficiency no matter what your application—derivates, supplements, ingredients or end products.

Nutraceutical manufacturers benefit from:

  • Multi-use machines that allow for drying and cooling, resulting in an efficient process
  • Integrated PLC and instrumentation with pre-programmed recipes
  • Complete systems tailored to the needs of your product, plant and budget
  • High efficiency methods of fluid bed drying that use low energy, low temperature latent heat
  • Compact, sturdy designs that require less maintenance

Our Low-Maintenance Drying Systems Feature Advanced ControlsEfficient dryers and coolers for nutraceutical processing.

Ventilex features advanced, proprietary PLC controls in our drying systems. This is the driving force behind our machines and it results in better productivity and cost-efficiency. Our machines provide the texture, taste, color, and overall quality you need for your product to meet quality standards.

  • The “Plug Flow” system gently lifts the product by cam motion, and deposits it forward a few fractions of an inch at a time
  • Product retention times can be as high as two hours, and yet, very little degradation will occur
  • Our unique “shaking” mechanism can achieve “plug-flow” fluidization/sub-fluidization when necessary while spread residence times are kept to a minimum
  • Where others use high frequency and high amplitude (sometimes as high as 5-7 x Gravity) to fluidize product resulting in potentially damaging side effects we keep the forces on the product under 1 additional gravity at all times

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