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Do you have any questions regarding our installations? Are you wondering how we can help you? Please contact us! We have offices located all over the world, making it possible to contact an expert within your own time zone. Our head office is stationed in Heerde, the Netherlands.

Ventilex B.V. – Headquarters
Europaweg 8
8181 BH Heerde
The Netherlands

T: +31 85 303 2100
E: sales@ventilex.com

In need of service? Please contact our service office:

Ventilex International Service Department
T: +31 85 303 2150
E: service@ventilex.com

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Global offices

Looking for another location? Check out the map below and find your nearest expert! We have offices located around the world. Simply zoom in and out and click on the logo you want. Detailed information about the office you have selected will appear.

Sales Office India
+91 880 624 7488
Sales Office Malaysia
+60 12 212 3256
Sales Office Vietnam
+84 93 8613408
Ventilex B.V. (Headquarters)
Europaweg 8
8181 BH Heerde
The Netherlands
+31 85 303 2100
Ventilex USA Inc.
10168 International Blvd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
United States of America
+1 513 217 5830
Ventilex Team Workshop