Ventilex Fluid Bed Roaster

For the perfectly roasted coffee bean

Coffee beans are the seeds inside a ripe, red cherry-like fruit. It is the careful roasting of the green bean that has given coffee its place in our daily lives. The roasting process is not a mystery; the careful application of heat breaks down the protein in the beans to create aromatic oils, called caffeol, which when combined with the gasses that reside in the bean after the roasting process, are the heart and soul of what is most loved in every good cup of coffee.

In contrast to the Ventilex Fluid Bed Roaster, other roasting techniques allow the beans to come in contact with hot sheet metal, which burns the outside of the bean. As a result, the beans are incompletely roasted with a taste that can be grassy or bitter.

In the Ventilex Fluid Bed Roaster, the beans are kept aloft in a fluid, circulating fountain of air, roasting the beans evenly through to the center. One of the technological advantages of the fluid bed roaster is the ability to control the temperature in each bean equally.

Because a thermocouple is introduced into the fluidized bed of air the temperature can accurately be sensed; even within 1 degree!

Exact temperature control and less operator intervention

The roasting can be done with a steam heater if sufficient steam pressure is available or with a gas burner. In the Ventilex Fluid Bed a different grade of roasting can be obtained by adjusting the process parameters.

And even more important for modern food processing plant is to reduce human influence and to make sure that the exact product quality can be repeated; Today, tomorrow and next month.

To guarantee these results a sophisticated PLC is installed with a menu structure with recipes so that the product is treated exactly the same, every time.

It’s a Ventilex!

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Ventilex Fluid Bed Roaster Benefits:

  • Consistent, evenly-roasted product
  • High capacity and energy efficient
  • Recipe based (for processing multiple products)
  • Data Logging and PLC instrumentation, which makes processes repeatable and verifiable
  • Minimal operator intervention—automated controls
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Roasting coffee beans

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