Ventilex corrosion-resistant fluid bed dryer for chemicals 

Corrosion of valuable components might well be the biggest threat of industrial-chemical processes. Therefore, when designing equipment, it mostly comes down to a careful selection of materials, so that an optimal and sustainable process can be guaranteed.

Ventilex engineers are specialized in fluid bed drying systems that use the best possible anti-corrosion materials, thus ensuring a durable life cycle.

To meet the requirements of the production process, we opt for materials such as titanium, Hastelloy, duplex, or super-duplex plastics.

Moreover, when you choose Ventilex, you opt for the most energy-efficient solution.

It’s a Ventilex!

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Applications of the Ventilex chemical dryer

First-class building materials, sound European craftsmanship, and advanced process control make Ventilex dryers the number one choice for a range of global chemical treatment facilities. Amongst others, they process:

» Ammonium sulfate
» Butyl rubber
» Calcium chloride
» Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
» Chromic acid
» Herbicides
» Hexamine
» Potash
» Potassium sulfate
» Fertilizer
Plastic granules
» Sodium sulfate
» Pentaerythritol
» Pesticides
» Polymers
» Rubber pellets
» Silica gel
» Twaron (Kevlar) pulp
» Vanadium oxide
» Flame retardant
» Washing powder
» Zn-Pb granulate
» Salts

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