Ventilex Air Dehumidifier for optimal air conditions 

During their production process, many production companies struggle with humidity issues. Ventilex developed the DryGenic Air Dehumidifier, or air dryer, specifically for production and processing areas that are sensitive to moisture, temperature changes or micro-organisms.

By dehumidifying these areas, condensation and metal corrosion are prevented, and fungi- and bacterial growth controlled. As a result, the production environment becomes safe and perfectly controlled, thus significantly improving the working environment.

Constant and reliable air conditions at lower production costs

The DryGenic Air Dehumidifier has been developed to minimize the total energy use. It keeps the air at a constant, exact humidity level, regardless of weather conditions and load variation. It can be delivered custom-made.
Whether room conditions are 25°C and 20% RH (Relative Humidity) or 5°C and 40% RH, or even -20°C and 140°C dew point – the DryGenic air dryer offers the desired conditions every day.

The use of the DryGenic typically results in a significant reduction of operating costs, and investments in cooling equipment. DryGenic air drying systems dehumidify up to a relative humidity (RH) of 20%. This is generally achieved without pre-cooling and re-heating, as would be required using conventional cooling equipment.

Both its construction simplicity and the choice of construction materials make the DryGenic a reliable air dryer with a long life span. Moreover, airborne bacteria and viruses are removed from the air and eliminated in a hygroscopic fluid. For many applications, this is crucial, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and in hospitals.

The DryGenic Air Dehumidifier is also successfully deployed by meat-processing businesses, gelatin manufacturers, and organizations in electronics, steel, and film industries.

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Advantages of the Ventilex Air Dehumidifier:

  • Precise humidity control
  • Simultaneous air cooling and drying
  • Sterile air
  • Reductions in energy and investment costs
  • High reliability
  • Easy to operate
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Low maintenance, long life span

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