Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryer for bulk processes

The Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers are renowned worldwide for their exceptional performance, which includes three key features: high energy efficiency, high uptime repeatability, and high yield reliability.

  • High energy efficiency: Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers are designed with a strong focus on energy efficiency. Ventilex fluid bed dryers employ a unique fluidization process that efficiently transfers heat to the product being dried, resulting in minimal energy wastage.
  • High uptime repeatability: Uptime repeatability is a crucial factor in industrial drying, and Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers are designed to maximize the operational uptime and output reliability.
  • High yield reliability: Maintaining high yield reliability is paramount in industries that rely on consistent drying processes. Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers ensure that product quality and yield are consistent and reliable through:

In summary, Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers excel in energy efficiency, uptime repeatability, and yield reliability, making them a top choice for industries that require efficient and reliable drying processes. These features contribute to cost savings, consistent product quality, and reduced environmental impact, positioning Ventilex as a leader in the field of industrial drying technology.


Why choose Ventilex fluid bed dryers?

  • Precise and Uniform Drying: Say goodbye to uneven drying and product defects. Our Fluid Bed Dryers ensure consistent drying throughout your materials, no matter the size or shape.
  • Energy Efficiency: With rising energy costs and environmental concerns, it’s crucial to minimize energy consumption. Ventilex dryers are renowned for their energy efficiency, reducing your operational costs and environmental footprint.
  • Reduced downtime: Time is money, and our Fluid Bed Dryers accelerate your drying process, helping you meet deadlines and  exceed output performance.
  • Customization: We understand that every industry has unique needs. That’s why our dryers can be customized to match your specific requirements, from temperature control to material handling.
  • Low Maintenance: Ventilex dryers are built to last, with minimal maintenance requirements. Focus on your business, not constant upkeep.
  • Product Quality: Maintain the integrity of your products with gentle drying that preserves the characteristics, flavor, and aroma of your materials.
  • Compliance and Safety: We adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring the safety and compliance of our dryers with the latest regulations.


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Optimal and uniform drying results

In the Ventilex fluidized, or fluid bed, updrafts of gas or air cause a solid substance to behave like a fluid. The mechanic shaking motion of the fluid bed enhances this effect, swiftly causing high heat transfer and uniform results.

By choosing the proper combination of airspeed and mechanical motion, products with a large variation in particle size can be treated efficiently and with a minimum of dust formation.

By gently shaking the product up-and-down, an optimal and uniform drying result can be achieved at a lower temperature and with a shorter residence time. This makes fluid beds the most energy-efficient drying solutions in their league.

It’s a Ventilex!

Alternative applications of the Ventilex Fluid Bed

Apart from drying and cooling, our fluid bed can also be used for the following thermal processes:

  • Agglomerating
  • Baking
  • Blanching
  • Calcinating
  • Conditioning
  • Cooling (evaporatively)
  • Deactivating enzyme
  • Dedusting
  • Fermenting
  • Inert gas drying
  • Pasteurizing
  • Puffing
  • Reacting
  • Roasting
  • Steam stripping
  • Sterilizing

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