Ventilex Belt Dryer to maintain product quality

The demand for dried food products that have the same high quality and authenticity as their fresh counterparts is ever-increasing. The Ventilex Belt Dryer achieves this quality while minimizing production costs and environmental impact.

Belt drying is especially suitable for producers of food products who demand low product drying temperatures, for instance, to produce gelatin.

Precise temperatures and humidity control

The Ventilex Belt Dryer carefully controls temperature and humidity. Regardless of the condition in which the product has entered.

How? The belt drying solution consists of a drying tunnel in which wet material is spread on a conveyor belt. The drying tunnel is divided into different zones. Each zone is equiped with an air heating and circulation system. When the conveyor with raw material passes, hot dry air is blown through the product layer. Alternated, from above and then from below. Because the product layer is dried from two sides, an evenly dried end product is the result.

If conditions allow, ambient air can be used as drying air. It is also possible to insert a Ventilex Air Dehumidifier into the process.

Of course the exact design of the drying solution is tailored to the characteristics of the product stream, such as a tendency to clump or sensitivity to high temperatures.

As a result, the end product is uniform and compliant with the strictest standards in food quality, whether you are producing granules, strips, flakes, or noodles.

It’s a Ventilex!

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Advantages of the Ventilex Belt Dryer:

  • Uniform and gentle drying
  • Repeatable and verifiable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Maximum output at minimal energy costs
  • Long life span

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