Ventilex Steam Sterilizer for safe organic products

To quickly and continuously sterilize your herbs, spices, seeds, and other organic products, the Ventilex Steam Sterilizer applies high temperatures. Continuous inflow of saturated steam ensures swift disinfection, removing bacteria, pathogens, and enzymes naturally to ensure food safety.

Exterminating bacteria and fungi while maintaining product characteristics

By applying steam during very short instances, product authenticity, such as aroma, color, and flavor, are maintained.

This effective and efficient steam treatment has been developed by Ventilex engineers and is now successfully applied all over the world.

Since the process does not require chemicals or irradiation, more and more organizations opt for the safe and ‘natural’ Ventilex Sterilizer.

After heating and cooling, what’s left is a tailored, sterilized and dried end product.

It’s a Ventilex!


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Advantages of the Ventilex Steam Sterilizer:

  • Safe and healthy decontamination process – no use of chemicals or irradiation
  • Retention of aroma, color and flavoring agents
  • No broken end product
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to operate
  • Self-cleaning
  • Continuous process
Ventilex sterilizer

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