Ventilex dryers for an optimal gelatin drying process

The ever growing gelatin market calls for fitting measurements. The increasing applications in the medical and biomedical industries also drive the demand for gelatin drying. The food segment however, is projected to witness the largest growth in the upcoming years.

We can proudly say that more than 70% of the worldwide gelatin production is dried using our Ventilex equipment. In order to deliver a most fitting solution, we combine two of our expertises: the Ventilex DryGenic® Air Dehumidifier and the Ventilex Belt Dryer. These two together make up for an efficient plant, cutting operational costs and unplanned downtime.

Save energy with the Ventilex gelatin dryer

Because of our deep experience in drying gelatin, we are able to deliver custom solutions, designed to your specific needs and requirements.

Our Ventilex Belt Dryer carefully controls temperature and humidity, regardless of the condition in which the product has entered. When the gelatin is placed inside the belt dryer, it gets dried from two sides. This results in an evenly dried product.

Combined with our Ventilex DryGenic® Air Dehumidifier, we make it possible to use ambient air as drying air, taking full advantage of the available resources.

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