DryGenic® Air dehumidification offers enormous benefits for meat producers

The Ventilex DryGenic® Air Dehumidifier is an advanced air treatment and dehumidification system for climate treatment and air dehumidification of large (production) areas. DryGenic® has been used successfully worldwide for many years in various sectors, including the meat processing industry.

The Ventilex DryGenic® ensures an ideal climate in production areas, improving the hygiene and working environment for employees as well as the shelf life and quality of the meat. DryGenic® prevents condensation and also disinfects the air, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

Our DryGenic® dehumidification for meat technology finds its bases on a liquid desiccant, called DrySol®, which is thermodynamically and economically the most efficient air drying solution available today.

The DryGenic® dehumidification system can reduce and precisely control the humidity of multiple processing rooms. Moreover the salty liquid desiccant,  also cleans and disinfects the air, by removing and killing up to 99.9% of the airborne bacteria and other micro-organisms.


As a meat-processing food producer, you clean your production hall daily. Despite scrubbing, wiping and mopping, residual moisture remains. Research shows that residual moisture in a production area results in a relative humidity of around 90-100%.

Moisture that condenses on your cooled product, immediately forms an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Thereby dramatically reducing the shelf life of your product.

On top of that, this moist and cold air attacks any electrical components that are present and also creates an extremely unpleasant working environment resulting in greater absenteeism. Inconveniences that you can easily solve with the Ventilex DryGenic®.

“The unique Ventilex DryGenic® Air Dehumidifier guarantees a longer shelf life for your meat product.. and a more pleasant and healthy working climate for your people.”

Ventilex DryGenic

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