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Ventilex Test Center: Test an industrial dryer before procurement

You can test a drying solution in the Ventilex Test Center in Heerde, the Netherlands.
Here, the Ventilex engineers simulate the drying process with your products.

Equipped with a fluid bed, belt dryer, air dryer, sterilizer, and pasteurizer, our Test Center offers the perfect setting to conduct extensive product trials.

During those trials, we simulate processes with a wide range of parameters to determine the optimal specifications for product processing. Based on the test results, a tailor-made solution can be designed.

Ventilex Test Center

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Test a dryer at your site

Alternatively, we can integrate the Ventilex into your process at your site. In existing processes, this can be a most efficient route to an optimal drying result.

The Ventilex test engineers travel worldwide so you can test the Ventilex drying solution and adapt it to local conditions.

Renting a test unit also belongs to the possibilities!

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Ventilex Test Center

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