Chemical-free disinfection of seeds for maximum yield

Seeds are the starting point for the majority of our food. Vegetables, cereals, fruits and many, many more products start as small seeds. It is no surprise that the seed market has kept growing over the past few years. In fact, the seed market is projected to grow even more, with a CARG of 3,4% from 2017 to 2023. Safe and delicate disinfection of seeds is a must in order to produce a healthy and productive crop. Traditionally however, seeds usually receive a chemical treatment, in order to control pathogens. But these chemicals are harmful; not only to the environment but they also form a health risk to workers.

This is why there is a strong desire to find chemical-free solutions that are completely harmless.

An ever growing demand for seeds

There are many reasons for the ongoing growth of the seed market. Increased food production, modernization of agriculture and the use for animal feed and biofuels are some of the top reasons. The increasing demand for food plays a big role in this. Naturally, this is a huge trigger for productive crops and maximum yield. New methods of seed treatment are therefore being explored. The ultimate goal is to maximize crop yield and quality, while minimizing negative impacts.

As to why the treatment is preferably applied directly onto the seeds, the answer is crystal clear: applying the treatment directly to the seed is substantially more efficient and effective than crop protection methods.

Chemical treatment is not as prosperous as one might think

Seed treatment allows for highly targeted application of low, uniform doses of product. Agriculturists have been treating seeds for many years. Chemical treatments are commonly used and applied to control seed-borne pathogens that negatively impact crop growth and productivity. By doing so, the seeds have a much higher chance of growing healthy and not being lost. This results in higher crop yield.

Chemical treatment however, is definitely not harmless. The chemicals used pollute soil and ground water, also forming a risk for the workers. Moreover, the chemical treatment of seeds is harmful to the environment. Dust from planting alone could cause the chemicals to spread. These chemicals are lethal to most insects, including essential pollinators.

Chemical-free treatment of seeds

In order to avoid the effects of chemical treatments, chemical-free solutions are strongly desired. Protection from attacks from bacteria or fungal diseases, that make cultivation less efficient, is required though. Chemical-free treatments are currently a hot topic among agriculturists. Is there a chemical-free solution for seeds that prevents environmental damage but ensures the benefits we ask for? We have the answer: yes!

Ventilex and Thermoseed™: chemical-free disinfection

Thermoseed™ has developed a unique technology for effective control of seed-borne pathogens by the use of hot humid air. Most importantly: the treatment is completely chemical-free. It provides sound and healthy seeds with optimum germination and crop yield. We have been working with Thermoseed since the validation of the first industrial scale prototype in 2004.

The Thermoseed technology combined with our fluid bed dryer installation makes up for an excellent solution, completely compatible with delicate seeds. The seeds first enter a conditioning unit, where every seed is treated carefully with hot, dry air. A steam injection ensures continuous steam circulation. Overheating is ruled out: every seed will be in the conditioning unit for the exact same amount of time. The outcome is a uniform result. Then, the seeds enter a fluid bed dryer/cooler. In the first section, the conditioned seeds will lose their moisture and in this way cool the product stream. In the second section, the final cooling takes place by means of conditioned ambient air.

Our installation makes it possible to control the heating temperature precisely, which is essential in order to maintain germination. Nasty chemicals are ruled out and the seeds receive the best protection they could have.

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The benefits of chemical-free treatment

Our installation has many benefits compared to other potentially harmful solutions:

  • Environmentally friendly: 100% sustainable treatment, 100% chemical-free
  • Disinfect: excellent control of pathogens, extremely clean seeds after treatment
  • Crop health: increased vigor, plant development, crop density and crop yield
  • Subsequent benefits: lower necessity for subsequent use of pesticides
  • Custom production volumes: high volume disinfected seed production, up to 25 ton/h
  • Attractive economics: higher seed value at lower production costs

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