Revolutionary patented new technology proven to save energy up to 80%

Ventilex DryGenicNXT®  offers substantial energy savings due to its innovative design: The traditional DryGenic® system offers advanced dehumidification by utilizing a liquid desiccant to effectively remove moisture from the air.

To maintain its efficiency, the liquid desiccant must be periodically regenerated by removing the absorbed water. In the classic system, this regeneration (evaporation) process involves heating air, which is released into the atmosphere as hot moist air.

The innovative DryGenicNXT® unit revolutionizes this process by regenerating the liquid desiccant in a vacuum vessel.

By focusing on the regeneration process alone, the energy consumption is reduced with 80%!




Proven technology: Our launching customer successfully operates DryGenicNXT® for over 1 year.

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DryGenicNXT saves energy

Energy savings

Save up to 80% on energy in the regenerator and 50% on energy across the entire system.

DryGenicNXT gas free

Gas-free operation

Operates entirely on electricity, ensuring a gas-free and environmentally safe process.

DryGenicNXT reduces CO2 footprint

CO2 reduction

Experience a significantly reduced carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet.

DryGenicNXT retrofit

Retrofit possibilities

Easily upgrade your existing system to DryGenicNXT® for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Here’s how it works:

  • Vacuum Regeneration: Water is evaporated from the liquid desiccant in a vacuum environment.
  • Energy Recovery: The water vapor is condensed on a heat exchanger, allowing for energy recovery.
  • Heat Pump Integration: A heat pump elevates the recovered energy to a higher temperature level, which is then used to heat the liquid desiccant before spraying it into the vacuum vessel to evaporate a part of the water.

Ventilex DryGenicNXT

The DryGenicNXT® system offers substantial energy savings due to its innovative design:

  • No Air Heating Required: Eliminates the need to heat air for the regeneration process.
  • Liquid Water Output: Produces liquid water instead of vapor, enhancing energy efficiency.

Step into the future with DryGenicNXT®!

Upgrade your system to the innovative and patented DryGenicNXT® system for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution to dehumidification.

Save energy, reduce costs, and benefit from superior performance!

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