Crafting the Future of Gelatin with Precision Drying – Ventilex & TEWS

Ventilex, the global leader in drying solutions with a two-thirds market share in premium gelatin, collaborates with TEWS to pioneer an automatic control system for their dryers. TEWS’s cutting-edge moisture sensors promise a new era of precision and efficiency in gelatin production.

Pioneering a New Era in Precision Moisture Control for the Gelatin Industry

Two industry leaders, Ventilex and TEWS, continue their strategic partnership aimed at elevating the standards of high-performance moisture measurement in the food industry. With a shared commitment to excellence, these market leaders are set to redefine the landscape of gelatin production.

Ventilex, renowned for its cutting-edge and most energy efficient drying solutions, commands a market share of approximately two-thirds in the premium gelatin market. TEWS, a pioneer in industrial moisture and density measurement using microwave technology, brings its expertise to the table by enhancing Ventilex’s gelatin dryers with an advanced automatic control system based on sophisticated moisture sensor readings.

The strategic collaboration revolves around a common goal: the continuous improvement of customer production processes. Mr. André Tews, MD, and owner of TEWS, emphasizes the technical integration of the TEWS moisture sensor into Ventilex’s drying process. Installed in the buffer silo post-grinding and pneumatic transport, this integration promises precise control with an impressive accuracy of up to +/- 0.5%, coupled with predictive capabilities for future measurements.

The synergistic marriage of Ventilex’s expertise in drying solutions and TEWS’s mastery of moisture measurement technologies brings forth a range of benefits:

  • Improved Yield: Achieve optimal product output through meticulous moisture control.
  • Energy Savings: The precision offered by the moisture sensor enables accurate dryer control, resulting in substantial energy savings.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The integration of advanced technologies streamlines production processes, boosting overall efficiency.
  • Increased Product Quality: Accurate moisture content control ensures the production of high-quality gelatin, meeting, and exceeding industry standards.

Mr. Yannick Heirbaut, International Sales Manager for Gelatin solutions, at Ventilex, highlights the relevance of this collaboration in the evolving market. He states, “This becomes even more attractive with the pressurized market price of gelatin and collagen peptides. Producing these products is a delicate and peculiar process to master. It’s crucial to have moisture measurement technology for the drying process to achieve the highest quality.”

The combined expertise of Ventilex and TEWS not only opens avenues for additional revenues or savings but also ensures a rapid amortization period of less than one year.

Already underway in a collaborative customer project for gelatin drying, Ventilex and TEWS are poised for shared success with more groundbreaking developments on the horizon. Ventilex, with a rich history dating back to 1965, has evolved into a global industry leader, providing intelligent drying solutions worldwide. On the other hand, TEWS, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and a US subsidiary, has been the world market leader in industrial microwave moisture and density measurement for 50 years.

As this innovative technology becomes available to the industry, both Ventilex and TEWS invite gelatin manufacturers, quality managers, operation engineers, and industry decision-makers to stay tuned for future updates. The journey towards 100% control in an automatic way has just begun.

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