Mastering the Art of Gelatin Drying

Drying gelatin is a delicate process, demanding a stable drying operation to prevent undesired effects like melting, excessive or incomplete drying. Irregularities in temperature or moisture control within your gelatin drying tunnel can lead to production losses or downtime.

Proven Performance Over 50 Years

Ventilex drying tunnels have proven their worth in the market for over 50 years. Recent advancements in aerodynamics and thermodynamics have further enhanced the uniform drying of gelatin.

Monitoring final moisture content is essential to prevent unnecessary energy loss and maximize your product’s profit margins. This is where our collaboration with TEWS, leveraging their expertise in moisture measurement technologies, becomes invaluable!

Ventilex’s Smart Solution

The Ventilex Gelatin drying solution comprises a belt drying tunnel that gently dries the delicate gelatin. The S-shaped flow of air through the tunnel, the gradual increase in temperature, and the precise humidity control by the DryGenic® air dehumidifier ensure highly effective and hygienic gelatin drying.

Excellent seals limit the exit of conditioned air or the entry of unconditioned air. Smooth finishes, such as the perforated plate belt and smooth wall surfaces, make cleaning easy, allowing you to meet high hygiene standards.

With an effective drying surface up to 4.5 meters wide, Ventilex is capable of utilizing your valuable production floor as efficiently as possible!

Energy Efficiency in Every Breath

The DryGenic® dehumidifier conditions the supply air in the most energy-efficient manner.

The hygroscopic property of the DrySol® salt solution absorbs moisture from the air, which is then supplied to your tunnel.

A notable secondary benefit of the DrySol® is its remarkable ability to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and fungi, with an efficacy rate of up to 99.9%.

In addition to its hygienic advantages, the Drygenic system contributes to overall energy efficiency.

By incorporating the Ventilex heat recovery module, up to 𝟴𝟬% of the tunnel’s energy requirements can be recovered from the exhaust air!

This dual functionality not only enhances environmental sustainability but also ensures a cost-effective and streamlined operation for your processes.


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