Ventilex and ThermoSeed: sustainable, chemical-free sterilization of seeds

The global seeds industry

With the ever increasing demand for food, driven by growing populations, the necessity for quality seeds for healthy, prolific crop is sky high. The global seeds market is worth an estimated USD 60 to 70 billion, and growing at a high rate of 6 to 8% in the coming years. At the same time, the emphasis on sustainable, environmentally friendlier agriculture also increases. Traditionally, seeds are treated with chemicals to control seed-borne pathogens that negatively impact crop growth and productivity. Those chemicals, however, pollute soil and ground water, as well as pose a health risk to workers and communities.

There is a strong desire to find chemical-free treatments that are harmless to the environment, the working environment, and free from food security risks.

ThermoSeed: chemical-free, thermal disinfection of seeds

ThermoSeed™ Global AB is a Swedish firm that has developed a unique, patented technology to overcome environmental problems: a chemical-free sterilization of seeds, using hot, humid air. This thermal disinfection is a sustainable way of treating seeds, which leads to the cleanest seeds in the world:

Environmentally friendly: 100% sustainable treatment, 100% chemical-free

Disinfect: excellent control of pathogens, extremely clean seeds after treatment

Crop health: increased vigour, plant development, crop density and crop yield

Subsequent benefits: lower necessity for subsequent use of pesticides

Custom production volumes: high volume disinfected seed production, up to 25 ton/h

Attractive economics: higher seed value at lower production costs

As governments around the world are stepping in to ban hazardous chemicals for seeds treatment, the advantages of the ThermoSeed™ treatment become abundantly clear. Producers must move now, or face the risk of being out of business in the foreseeable future.

Ventilex and Thermoseed™ partner to deliver sustainable seed treatment

We have been working with ThermoSeed™ since the validation of the first industrial scale prototype in 2004. Since then, we have developed and installed 10 custom designed seed sterilization units, integrating the ThermoSeed chemical-free technology. Our experience covers cereals and vegetable crop seeds, as well as other organic substances such as rice and soy beans.

Ventilex’ deep experience in sterilizer and fluid bed dryers for the food industry, combined with ThermoSeed’s unique technology to sterilize seeds, means that we are able to deliver end-to-end, custom designed seed treatment solutions to our customers worldwide.

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Optionally, we are able to provide proprietary technology:

  • Sterile, conditioned air
    Our DryGenic Air Dehumidifiers provide chilled, dehemudified air that conditions the seeds after treatment, and allows for extremely precisely controlled treatment parameters regardless of ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, etc)
  • Energy saving heat pumps
    In partnership with Solutherm we offer custom engineered heat pumps that reuse residual process heat, reducing energy consumption of the seed treatment by 30-40%

These technologies upgrade the seeds thermal treatment lines to yield even greater benefits, making you able to get the fullest out of your equipment. Are you ready to make your business future-proof?

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