Ventilex and DIL join forces

We proudly announce that Ventilex and the food technology research institute DIL (Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V.) have joined forces by expanding the DIL technology center in Quakenbrück with Ventilex Fluid bed Drying Technology.
By implementing the Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryer, the technology center in Quakenbrück, Germany, now provides complete state-of-the-art research, test, and production infrastructure for the development of healthy, sustainable-protein food products.
Both Ventilex – with its deep knowledge of food drying technologies– and DIL – with its impressive track record in the areas of food tech, analytics, sustainability and food data- are at the forefront of the development of technological food innovations and a responsible handling of existing resources.


Growing demand for sustainable food production

Needless to say that food is fundamental to our existence. And with rising income levels and a multiplying global population, food demand is ever increasing. Fortunately, companies have become better at producing large quantities of foods to meet the ever growing demand for more nutrients, including proteins. Unfortunately, though, this is not without consequences. As climate change threatens the planet, in combination with increasing awareness around health effects and animal welfare, food producing companies must find other ways to meet our food – and protein – demand in a more sustainable way.

Erik Blomjous (Sales Manager at Ventilex): “We are proud that in addition to the test facilities in our own Test Center, we can now also offer our customers complete research and food-grade pilot production possibilities at DIL. Ventilex is very much aware of our responsibility to play a role at the crossing between research and industrial production and to overcome sustainability challenges.”
Dr. Volker Lammers (Head of Process Engineering at DIL): “Gentle drying is key to preserve the structure and quality of many granular food products. The Ventilex fluid bed dryer enables us to develop and produce various dried food products together with customers. The Ventilex technology is particularly well suited for drying extruded products, such as textured vegetable proteins and encapsulated or agglomerated food ingredients.”


From concept to application

The DIL technology center receives many promising requests from customers. Both established food producing companies as well as start-ups test and realize the potential of new plant-based proteins and develop new healthy and environmentally friendly food products.

During the processing of these foods, drying of the particles is often required. Drying basically dehydrates or removes the moisture from the food and that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast. These factors ensure that food does not spoil easily and hence, makes drying an effective food preservation technique.

The most efficient drying of food products is done with a Ventilex fluid bed dryer. Ventilex fluid bed dryers generate very mild shaking motions. This gentle approach in drying prevents the breakdown of vulnerable food products and preserves typical food characteristics such as color and flavor.

Expanding the DIL technology center with the Ventilex fluid bed drying techniques offers the following opportunities:

  • Gentle drying of granular foods in a fluid bed dryer
  • Processing trials in a food-grade pilot plant
  • IFS accreditation
  • Suitability for a wide range of product applications:
    • Dry extruded protein products
    • Encapsulated products
    • Agglomerated products
    • Cereal products
    • Snack products
  • Combination with extrusion
  • Large throughput ranges

The DIL production line is fully operational and ready to receive your request!

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About DIL and Ventilex

The DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V. is a non-university research institute. Over the past three decades, an internationally active institute with around 200 experts in food technology and food science has developed in Quakenbrück. The DIL operates in the areas of food safety and authenticity, structure and procedures as well as sustainability.

Ventilex is a world leader in customized thermal treatment solutions, established in 1965. We offer Fluid Bed Dryers, Sterilizers, Pasteurizers, Air Dehumidifiers and Gelatin Belt Dryers for the food, feed and minerals markets, with an installed base of over 1,000 units in 80 countries.

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