How to be successful in the meat industry

The meat industry produces tons and tons of meat every year. Worldwide, many producers strive for quality meat. But is this meat completely unharmful?

Contamination of meat products by microorganisms is a major economic problem in the meat industry. A potential source of contamination that is often overlooked is air. Air is a source of contamination by pathogenic and spoilage organisms in meat processing plants and should be considered a processing critical control point.

As you can see, moisture problems combined with the unavoidable bacterial growth, cause major inconvenience in meat processing. Nobody wants poor meat or employees falling ill. What we do? We free you of this inconvenience and help you achieve a longer shelf life for your product and a considerably better working environment for your employees.

A million dollar success: Miratorg

As stated before, there are many meat producers around the world. Miratorg is Russia’s leading meat producer and supplier. The company is bound to produce a million tons of pork per year. To ensure quality at every level, Miratorg owns the complete production cycle of the meat. They have their own farms and animals, even feed the animals themselves, all the way up to the retail stores. An outstanding company, leading the industry in Russia.

Just like any other meat producer, Miratorg processes the meat in different stages and different batches. In between these stages, the production hall is cleaned, multiple times a day. Despite using hot water, scrubbing and mobbing, residual moisture remains. This moisture condenses on the cooled product, forming an excellent breeding area for bacteria. This results in a dramatical reduction of the shelf life of the product. Besides, the moist, cold air creates an extremely unpleasant working environment, putting employees at risk.

So, how can this problem be solved? Ventilex provided a suitable solution to prevent these issues from occurring. To protect the meat from bacteria and to ensure the employees’ health.

Victory through dry air

By rapidly removing this vicious residual moisture, victory is guaranteed. Based on working schedules, air conditions, the cleaning scheme and more detailed information, Ventilex provided a most suitable solution for Miratorg.

What are the benefits? 72% of meat processing companies suffer the inconvenience of moisture in the production area. This can be fatal to the organization. By dehumidifying the production areas, condensation and metal corrosion are prevented and fungi and bacterial growth controlled. A safe working environment and a healthy product are the result.

Without the right machines, production cannot go on. Our Ventilex DryGenic® air dehumidifier will take care of this issue at Miratorg and secure the meat production. On top of that, when the company is working on a proper performance rate, maximum production is guaranteed, thus maximum outcome and maximum revenue.

Our unique installation performs efficiently, causing a significant reduction in energy costs. It requires minimum maintenance and has a very long life span, making it a reliable machine you can definitely trust upon.

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