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Low Frequency Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryers More Efficient

Our European-manufactured drying systems are the number one choice in industries where where production involves drying product. From food , dairy (e.g. cheese drying) and vitamins to frac sands, animal feed (DDGS dryer), neutraceuticals, minerals, chemicals and biomass drying, our machines provide consistency and efficiency. Cam-driven fluid bed dryers from Ventilex prevent damage to your product, reduce wear-and-tear, and lower your operating costs. Our machines even cut down on the risk of overheating that occurs in most other conventional dryers.

The high wear-and-tear (especially in mortar and aggregates) and operation costs as well as the possibility of overheating in most other conventional dryers is causing manufacturers worldwide to switch to our reliable, low-frequency fluidized bed drying. We give our clients a distinct edge in processing time, quality and cost.Shaking, energy efficient fluid bed dryer for frac sand and other minerals.

  • Steady and predictable drying (where air is distributed uniformly) which ensures that the product is never over or under dried
  • Multi-stage PLC controls that make sure product temperature is not higher than necessary, so that energy efficiency is maximised
  • Exclusive “shaking” motion assures “first in, first out” drying when controlling heat time and temperature is necessary
  • Fluidization or sub-fluidization of your product when longer times in the dryer are needed (allowing for process-required plug flow characteristics)
  • Both heavy duty and robust product transport for dependability, low maintenance and extended equipment life
  • Lower energy costs  when compared to rotary dryers,  conventional high-frequency vibrating or static fluid bed dryers

High-Quality Custom-Designed Fluid Bed Dryers

Our engineered systems approach for each fluid bed drying installation provides greater efficiency and cost savings across different industries and applications. The benefits of working with a Ventilex fluid bed dryer are manifold:

  • Custom design (CIP—Clean in Place) for dairy, food and hygienic applications; High Temperature Design for inert materials, etc.) prevents damage and improves product output and quality
  • Highest energy efficiency—save 30 to 60% on gas/steam/oil costs and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Fully automatic operation with up to 1112°F [600°C] drying air temperature and fluidization/sub-fluidization controls the amount of time in the fluid bed dryer and the results you can expect to see
  • Stainless steel product contact areas (other alloys are available) meet USDA accepted standards for dairy, food, and pharmaceutical grades. In fact, we exceed USDA and FDA criteria for cleanliness and hygiene.

If you are shopping for a sand dryer, DDGS dryer, herb dryer, or any other type of fluid bed dryers, Ventilex can engineer a custom piece of equipment that meets your needs. Our fluidized bed dryers are constructed from the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to provide a lasting return on your investment.



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