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Enhance Productivity and Savings with an Energy-Efficient Fluid Bed Cooler

Efficiently drying and cooling sugarVentilex provides energy-saving fluid bed coolers that help you streamline your process and reduce operating costs. Our fluid beds can be engineered to use controlled evaporative cooling to reduce energy consumption and expense up to 10% while significantly increasing processing capacity and returns.

Our advanced method of using latent heat to remove the last portion of moisture instead of creating an electrical airflow for drying effectively lowers your energy requirements. What’s more, it does not impact the discharge moisture and product temperature required for storage or packaging.


What makes our cooling and drying systems such a popular choice?

  • Evaporative cooling ensures you will not spend as much money drying to your final target moisture.
  • Our systems cool products within 10 degrees of ambient conditions with ambient air.
  • Our unique plug flow design offers first-in-first-out cooling reducing the risk of condensation during storage and packing
  • Our machines feature a simple, yet robust design. They are easy to clean and require less wear and tear. Their European manufacturing is high quality and long lasting.
  • Many also offer the option of recovering heat from cooled product to use as makeup air during the drying process. It can also be used for heating other processes, saving money and resources.

If you would like to know more about a top-of-the-line, energy-efficient fluid bed cooler, contact Ventilex at 513.217.5830.

Get up to Two Hours of Cooling Time with a Ventilex Low-Frequency Fluid Bed Cooler

Ventilex is one of the only fluid bed manufacturers that can give you up to two hours of product drying and/or cooling! Based on the time-proven locomotive crankshaft, our system raises and then lowers the entire bed dryer and/or fluidized bed cooler at the same time. This allows the product to be gently thrown forward a few centimeters at a time.  The entire product bed moves in harmony, thus achieving the desired “plug-flow” and preventing product damage.

Regardless of application, our fluid bed coolers enhance the quality of your products, the output, and your financial returns. Whether you produce vitamins, food, dairy, chemicals, minerals, animal feed, biomass, or nutraceuticals, our fluid bed coolers can help your bottom line by:

  • Providing greater reliability, predictability, and cost savings. The cam-driven, gentle ‘shaking’ motion used in the Ventilex fluid bed dryer protects your product as well as reduces wear-and-tear of your equipment
  • The advanced proprietary process controls developed over the past 10 years provide greater reliability, predictability and cost-effectiveness
  • Low energy use and recovery of latent heat for makeup air or other processes enables  you to lower your operation costs
  • Improving your manufacturing conditions with designs engineered specifically for your application. This increases efficiency and makes your process as easy as possible.

Ventilex engineers custom designed equipment that is of the highest quality and output. We are able to simulate processes with varying parameters, helping us create the optimal specifications for your fluid bed cooler.


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