Ventilex and VetterTec join forces in the gelatin and collagen-peptide market

We are proud to announce our formal partnership with VetterTec, following several years of joint development in gelatin and collagen-peptide production technology. With our combined expertise, we are able to offer unique, end-to-end production lines for gelatin and collagen-peptide worldwide.

Both Ventilex –  with its world leading gelatin belt dryers – and VetterTec – with its high end  spray drying technologies precisely adopted to our process – have been at the forefront of gelatin innovation for many years. By combining our knowledge we are not only able to deliver even better gelatin technology, but also end-to-end collagen-peptide production lines.

With collagen-peptide experiencing high growth rates and equally high financial margins, our customers are enthusiastic to upgrade their existing plants to produce collagen-peptide. However, many struggle, or even fail, to master this delicate and very complex process. Together with VetterTec, we make this technology accessible for our customers. We design and build end-to-end solutions for producing collagen-peptide, as a stand-alone line or as an add-on to existing gelatin plants.

In the upcoming months, we will further strengthen our cooperation by engaging in joint development of production technology. We will also combine our commercial operations and expert resources to help our customers in the gelatin and collagen-peptide markets worldwide.

Stijn Lemmens, Commercial Director at Ventilex:

“I am thrilled about the formalization of our partnership with VetterTec. We see a trend amongst our customers to upgrade their plants to produce collagen-peptide. But as this is an emerging technology, many struggle to get it right. Together with VetterTec we are now able to deliver end-to-end collagen-peptide production lines to our customers. Custom designed, built and commissioned. This makes us truly unique, and further strengthens our joint leadership in gelatin and collagen-peptide technology.”

Bernd Imenkamp, Commercial Director at VetterTec:

“1+1=2? Definitely not: it is significantly more if you put together the experts of leading suppliers such as Ventilex and VetterTec. That’s what I have learned during our deep and trusting cooperation with Ventilex over the last years. It’s really impressive, how much better we both can support our joint customers in gelatin and collagen-peptide production, with combined forces and multiplied expertise. I am proud that we are further strengthening this promising partnership now, for the benefit of our customers.

About Ventilex and VetterTec

Ventilex is a world leader in customized thermal treatment solutions, established in 1965. We offer Fluid Bed Dryers, Sterilizers, Pasteurizers, Air Dehumidifiers and Gelatin Belt Dryers for the food, feed and minerals markets, with an installed base of over 1,000 units in 80 countries. Ventilex is leading in gelatin and collagen-peptide technology, with our equipment installed in over 30 countries and with over 60% market share globally.

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VetterTec is a leading and specialized expert developer, manufacturer and solution provider for dewatering and drying solutions, established 1930. VetterTec offers screw presses, indirectly heated tube bundle dryers, ring and flash dryers and spray dryers for the starch-, ethanol-, alcohol, brewery, food and chemical industries with an overall installed bases of more than 3,500 units worldwide. VetterTec focuses on proven, innovative and reliable solutions adopted individually to customers’ needs, on a high technology level.

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