We proudly introduce Gerhard Methorst as our new service coordinator

With an impressive track record of 7 years within the company as Field Service Engineer, Gerhard has taken over the role of Service Coordinator from Jan Pieper, who has started a new role as sales manager. Gerhard has established himself as a highly regarded member of the Ventilex Lifecycle Service Team.

Gerhard: “My journey has taken me across the globe to the plants of numerous clients spanning diverse markets. It has been really rewarding that I have been able to assist customers to get the most out of their Ventilex equipment”.

Through his dedicated efforts, Gerhard has ensured that Ventilex drying solutions achieve maximum uptime, reliability, repeatability, and lifespan, thereby enhancing the overall operational efficiency for Ventilex’s esteemed clientele.

Drawing from this wealth of experience, Gerhard possesses a unique ability to swiftly translate customer service inquiries and needs into tailored solutions that precisely address their requirements.

With his profound understanding of Ventilex’s technology coupled with his commitment to customer satisfaction, Gerhard stands ready as your contact for service support ensuring continued excellence and solution delivery!

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How Gerhard and his dedicated team of 20 professionals can help you maintain high operational stability and save operational costs?

  • Provide spare parts and components
  • Perform inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Advise on process optimization and energy savings
  • Retrofit your equipment with modernized technologies
  • Train your personnel
  • Provide maintenance contracts and remote monitoring

Ventilex service coordinator

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