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How we help our customers maintain product quality, reduce unplanned downtime and save costs

Established in 1965, Ventilex has since grown to become a global leader in drying and thermal treatment equipment. Our fluid bed dryers, sterilizers, belt dryers and air dehumidifiers serve customers in more than 80 countries. We have an installed base of over 1,000 machines, operating all around the globe. With our deep experience in thermal treatment of minerals, food, feed and chemicals, we are able to help our customers in a most fitting way, according to custom designed thermodynamic profiles. Amongst others, we cover the drying, cooling, sterilization, roasting and puffing of your product.

The importance of regular inspection and maintenance service

Service in terms of periodic, regular inspection and preventive maintenance is essential to avoid unplanned downtime and prolong the lifetime of the equipment. Our data from over 1,000 installed machines globally shows that equipment which does not receive regular service:

Has on average 2 to 3 weeks unexpected downtime each year
Has a reduced lifetime of between 10% and 50%, depending on operating conditions
Has over double the costs of maintenance during its lifetime compared to regular service
Uses 10 to 20% more energy than regularly checked and re-tuned machines

A lifetime partner for your drying needs

It is needless to say that regular, professional service pays off in maintaining product quality, reducing unplanned downtime and saving operational costs. As a lifetime partner in drying solutions, we offer support not only during the set up, but also after the installation has been placed. With our knowledge of heat re-usage techniques and energy savings, we help our customers reduce their operational costs.

We help you get the best out of your drying equipment

For a problem-free operation and a longer lifetime with a total package:

  • Inspection: regular inspection to catch possible maintenance needs before downtime occurs
  • Maintenance: regular cleaning, refurbishing and replacement of critical equipment parts
  • Refurbishment: replacement of components that have reached their life expectation
  • Spare parts: stock of critical spare parts on-site, ready to deploy in case of repairs
  • Certification: periodic burner inspection and safety certification
  • Optimization: quarterly operational improvement feedback based on equipment data (data log), leading to actions to optimize your equipment operational settings
  • Training: regular training of personnel to ensure proper use of equipment, based on usage data

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The impact? Being in control of your equipment, at high operational stability and the lowest costs.

Ventilex’ professional service and advice package leads to tangible, direct savings on your operational costs, along with improvement in your operation’s continuity and product quality:

Insights: operational reports before periodic maintenance
Extended warranty: you benefit from 24 months – instead of 12 months – warranty
Near zero downtime: the typical 5-10% unscheduled dowtime is reduced to nearly zero
Operational cost savings: save 5-10% of OPEX
Stable quality: predictable product quality based on fine-tuned operational settings

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