Optimizing Plant Performance

Ventilex Plant performance optimization is a necessary, ongoing process. It makes the difference in operating the facility at peak profitability.

The goal of optimizing plant performance is to ensure a consistently high return on investment and compliance with changing production and environmental standards.

Ventilex drying systems are designed and adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. This usually depends on the application for which the system is intended. But industry and environmental standards are constantly evolving. That is why our involvement does not stop when the dryer is commissioned.

Return on investment

Our clients are constantly looking for quality improvements that can increase production volumes and at the same time lower their production cost. Unfortunately, this often goes hand in hand with compromising on product quality.

Ventilex specialists have in-depth process expertise and can support customers in maximizing throughput of the dryer, minimizing maintenance downtime and waste. But at the same time retaining critical product characteristics.

Also, energy efficiency is an area in which Ventilex can drastically affect plant optimization. Utility costs represent a significant portion of the operational cost of a facility.

Many of our clients have experienced that our process optimization tools have resulted in significant enhancements with a very short pay-back time.

Your benefits

Ventilex specialists assist by adjusting dryer settings, training operators in new plant operation routines, and suggesting adaptations and retrofits to existing plant.

Ventilex plant performance optimization benefits:

  • Increased dryer throughput
  • Cost reductions through increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced emissions and carbon footprint
  • Compliance with new industry quality demands
  • Compliance with the latest environmental and safety regulations
  • Additional return on current investments

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