Drying soybeans: a versatile product with many applications

Soybeans are a very popular source of protein and are becoming all the more popular. Especially in the United States, soybeans are amongst the major agricultural crops sowed, with only corn surpassing them. The usage of these beans varies from animal food to human consumption and even non-food products, such as chemicals. It is no surprise that the global soybean market is projected to grow with a noticeable CAGR of 4%-5% during the forecast period of 2019-2025, according to the analyst at IndustryARC. So, what are soybeans exactly and what are their uses?

What are soybeans

Soybeans come from the soybean plant; a plant that can reach more than two meters in height. From its flowers come soybeans. Usually, the beans have a brown/yellow color. The crop is preferably planted after the frost has passed. In China, Japan and Korea, soybeans have been sowed for thousands of years. They are praised for their rich taste and ability to replace dairy products. This is a delight for vegan diets and people who are unable to digest lactose.

Why is there such a high demand for soybeans?

Soy foods are growing in popularity worldwide. Soy comes with many health benefits and countless uses. Why is this bean growing in popularity in such a high rate? We have listed the top reasons below:

  • Soybeans are nutritious powerhouses: soybeans are full of protein, and therefore a commonly used source. This is the reason soybeans are incorporated in a lot of food products.
  • The use of soybean oil: soybean oil is the most common used oil in the USA. It makes up for an excellent choice for heart-healthy diets and has a neutral taste.
  • Plant protein: in contrast to animal protein, soybeans contain a much lower amount of saturated fat. On top of that, soybeans provide all the valuable amino acids. Soy milk for example, is nutritionally speaking the best, serving as a nearly perfect replacement for dairy.
  • Use in animal feed: the hunt for new sources of protein continues, with manufacturers currently focusing on the benefits of soybean. Soybean is, for instance, a great source of protein to incorporate into fish feed. Roughly 70% of all soybeans in the USA are grown for animal feed.

Challenges regarding soybean drying

The goal of drying soybean is to get rid of any excess moisture in order to enlengthen shelf life. This way the soybean is ready to be incorporated into other products. Soybeans must be dry and well prepared at all times, otherwise their peculiar nutrients are lost. Usually, soybeans are dried using machines. And generally, a very specific moisture content is needed. However, if soybeans are dried too fast or with the wrong air conditions, they can become brittle and even crack. The slightest change of temperature could cause the beans to split. The biggest loss though, is the loss of the valuable protein. This is why it is of high importance to dry soybeans carefully and thoroughly.

How we help you dry soybean to perfection

Do you work with soybean and are you looking for a custom fitting drying system? Our fluid bed dryer enables you to maintain essential nutrients and makes it possible to regulate the whole drying process up to the slightest detail. We designed our dryer specifically for delicate products, being a perfect match with soybean.

In a Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryer, a solid product is caused to behave like a fluid by an upward-moving flow of gas. The mechanic shaking motion of the fluidized bed enhances this effect, swiftly causing high heat transfer and uniform results. This results in an optimal mix of gas and product, so that an optimum physical reaction speed is achieved. By choosing the right combination of gas speed and mechanical movement, you can process granular products with a wide range of grain sizes successfully. This while minimizing dust and fines, increasing yield.

By gently shaking the product, an optimal and uniform drying result can be achieved at a lower temperature and with shorter residence time. This makes fluidized beds the most energy-efficient drying solution in their league. Besides that, soybeans are treated delicately, preventing product loss.

Due to its unique characteristics, the Ventilex Fluid Bed Dryer is particularly suitable for drying delicate soybean.

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