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We have found that it is best to test a sample of most clients’ products to determine its characteristics and its drying curve. An initial feasibility test carried out in our lab guarantees the best solution for drying and thermal treatment of your products.   

We are able to simulate processes with varying parameters in our lab. This way we are able to determine the optimal specifications for product processing. We know that each product is different and we understand that the size of a product, as well as changes in density during processing and drying, affect the optimization of the process.

Our lab testing “scales up” perfectly.  The test is a precise model of the conditions experienced by your product in a full size machine.

We offer the following alternatives:

Lab Testing at Ventilex USA (Middletown, Ohio)

Our testing lab in Middletown, Ohio has the equipment necessary to test most clients’ sample products to determine their drying characteristics.  From this testing, our application engineers can typically determine the process parameters that are ideal for a particular product.  After this testing, our engineers can determine if fluid bed processing is feasible and provide our clients with a quotation for the appropriate production scale equipment.

Lab System Rental for In-House Testing

In some cases, the drying process is a step within current plant operations and the conditions of the product can only be duplicated within the current plant operation.  In these cases, we can come to you.  We can provide a rental lab unit for process development on a weekly basis. We can also supply a qualified test engineer on a fixed daily cost to oversee the process.

Ventilex Pilot Plant (The Netherlands)

Imtech Ventilex Pilot Testing FacilitySometimes, more extensive testing is required at pre-production volumes to refine the client’s process.  In these cases, it is possible to conduct pre-production process development and refinement at the Ventilex Pilot Plant in The Netherlands.  In this case, we can process pre-production volumes, typically up to one ton per hour.  After processing, this material may be returned to the client for use in subsequent process development steps.

Pilot Plant Pre-Production Volumes at Your Facility

In some case, clients need to be able to produce pre-production volumes at their plant location for startups or in conjunction with perfection of upstream and/or downstream processes.  In these cases, Ventilex can supply a rental dryer (1 sq meter size) plus associated technical assistance from our application/process engineers.  This provides a cost effective alternative to reduce risk before production scale equipment is specified and ordered.  Pilot Plant Dryer

Our equipment can be powered by steam, natural gas, or propane. We provide fans and duct work, as well as the control. All you need is electrical power with steam or gas. Throughput rates are based on product type, but nominal throughput typically ranges from 550 to 1100 lb [250 to 500 kg] per hour range.

If you would like to learn more about testing or pilot options, contact us to discuss availability and cost.


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