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Fluid Bed Dryers, Coolers, Steam Sterilization and Steam Pasteurization Systems

A broad range of material processes require sterilization, pasteurization, and drying or cooling. Ventilex offers engineered fluid bed solutions to meet the process requirements of many industries. Our cammed, shaking fluid bed transport moves product gently and predictably with true first in, first out plug flow, but can be engineered to handle up to 200 tons of material per hour. We manufacture our fluid beds with corrosion resistant materials as required by your process and carefully polish all welds to ensure durability and clean in place (CIP) capability.

We offer two different technologies of decontamination – commonly referred to as steam sterilizers and steam pasteurizers.  The main difference is that sterilizers typically do their work in pressure vessels at up to 3 bar (45 psi) and the pasteurizers work at atmospheric pressure with super-heated steam.    The selection depends on the size of the product itself and the type of pathogens to be eliminated.

The operating systems of our machines are run by dedicated PLCs and proprietary algorithms that have been refined with over 800 manufacturers over the years. These systems, combined with our ability to “tune” product transport down to the millimeter, enable us to minimize residence time, maximizing process throughput and profitability by providing precise process control that saves energy, reduces waste and maximizes production.


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