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marketsFluid Bed Technology for Bulk Processes

Ventilex engineers fluid bed drying, cooling and sterilization systems for a broad range of applications in markets ranging from  food and dairy to minerals including aggregate and proppant, or frac sand. The combination of our gentle but robust “shaking” bed design, state of the art control systems, global experience with a broad range of process requirements and engineering expertise have made us a global leader in energy efficient, high availability drying solutions.

At Ventilex, our cammed, “shaking” bed mechanism enables precise fluidization or sub-fluidization of your product to maximize process throughput and minimize operating expense for maintenance and energy while carefully and consistently controlling residence time. Our fluid bed systems deliver true first in, first out, or plug – flow, product transport with little to no variance so that process can be optimized for cost and production.

Ventilex was the first to recirculate exhaust air to reduce energy consumption, and continues to innovate to reduce operating costs and improve process performance. If your processes include any of the following materials, contact us:

  • Frac sand  See
  • Aggregates and minerals
  • Food and dairy
  • Chemicals
  • Energy and biomass
  • Nutraceuticals and life science products

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