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Ventilex, founded in 1965 in the Netherlands, has earned a worldwide reputation in providing tailored drying solutions in many industrial branches for example pharmaceuticals, food and dairy, chemicals, energy, biomass and minerals industries.

Ventilex is one of the biggest global players in industrial product drying and is known for providing the highest quality, greatest energy saving equipment of its type in the world.

With offices in The Netherlands and in the USA we have been marketing for more than 50 years:

• Fluid bed drying and cooling technology
• Belt dryer technology
• Continuous sterilizers
• Continuous pasteurizers
• Dehumidification systems

In our own extended laboratory we are able to provide our customers with an optimal drying solution. We test the products here to match the drying solution to the customer’s production process.

We can provide the complete project if required, from testing and engineering to implementation, start-up and after sales. We often supply the installation complete with air input and output and the PLC controls.

We are well known for our reliable systems, designed to withstand decades of 24/7 operation with minimal maintenance. Ventilex has all the disciplines on board to make your industrial drying a smooth and smart process.

Please take a look at our website to see all our possible solutions for your product requirements!

For videos of several Ventilex systems, please visit our dedicated Ventilex Youtube Channel!

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