Ventilex Fluid Bed Pasteurizer for organic decontamination 

The Ventilex Fluid Bed Pasteurizer thoroughly removes bacteria, pathogens, and other germs while treating nuts, seeds, and other products. Moreover, it is cost-saving and highly effective.

Ventilex engineers designed a continuous technique that uses superheated, saturated steam.

A healthy and safe product without the loss of product characteristics

The steam condenses on the product, eliminating all undesirable bacteria and pathogens.

Decontaminated products, like nuts, weather the treatment well as they are exposed to the hot steam for mere moments: they maintain their original characteristics.

Seeds are still able to sprout after pasteurization. Therefore, labels like ‘organic’ continue to apply.

It’s a Ventilex!


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Advantages of the Ventilex Fluid Bed Pasteurizer:

  • Steam pasteurization – a sustainable and natural process
  • Continuous process
  • High-Temperature Short-Time Processing (HTST) – to retain flavor, color, and texture
  • Repeatable and verifiable – by Programmable Logistics Computer (PLC)
  • Minimal operator intervention