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Steam Pasteurization System Safely Conditions Products

Steam Pasteurization Systems are extremely effective at reducing or eliminating Pathogens, Bacteria, and other food-borne sources of illness. Pasteurization effectively treats products for Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, and many other pathogens and bacteria while maintaining the flavor, taste and color characteristics of the product.
Shaking Fluid Bed Steam Pasteurizing SystemThe Ventilex Continuous Pasteurizer is both effective and affordable. The key to both the effectiveness and the affordability of the Ventilex Continuous Pasteurizer is in the distribution of super-heated saturated steam.  We have designed a special distribution plate that fluidizes the product to be pasteurized, allowing all product surfaces to be treated equally. Steam then condenses on the surface of the product, and the condensation energy transfer kills unwanted pathogen or bacteria.

We understand how critical temperature, treatment time, and pressure are when treating a steam pasteurization system. All three of these components can be set for individual products and each pathogen eliminated during the process. Repeatability is required to validate a system and ensure effective decontamination, so our systems are designed to provide this. Our steam pasteurization is capable of killing specific pathogens without changing the texture or taste of your product. We also ensure that living nuts survive the pasteurization process and are able to germinate. This attention to the care of products makes it possible for the organic food label to be applied.

Ventilex has been perfecting the pasteurization process for spices, nuts, and herbs for many years. Ventilex pasteurization systems offer benefits such as:

  • Pasteurization by steam – a renewable, natural resource.
  • High Temperature – Short Time Processing (HTST) – protects taste, color, or texture.
  • Repeatable and verifiable with the use of Data Logging and advanced PLC instrumentation.
  • Ability to add moisture, which increases profits and the conditioning of too-dry products.
  • Cleaning of the surface as a bonus side effect.

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