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The Ventilex difference in process controls comes not from the controller technology, but from Ventilex’ PLC programming and algorithms developed and refined for over 10 years. In the Ventilex system, we utilize a sophisticated PLC running our dedicated operating software. The Ventilex method is to monitor the product temperature as it is drying, along with the exhaust gas temperature. Using our proprietary algorithm, we can “predict” the amount of energy that is needed, without over shooting. Changes in the feed moisture will be seen immediately at the exhaust air temperature, and monitoring the product temperature allows us to accurately adjust energy consumption to achieve required discharged moisture.

Industry Leading Process Controls

Industry leading PLC’s run the dedicated operating software for our machines. We monitor the product temperature as materials dry, as well as the exhaust gas temperature during the process. Our proprietary algorithm allows us to “predict” the amount of energy needed to create the perfect end result. Any change in the moisture level of the feed is seen immediately at the exhaust air temperature. This allows our machines to adjust energy consumption to achieve required discharged moisture.

To achieve consistent process control, Ventilex works with clients during the process development phase to define a set of values to be used as the basis for the operating parameters. These values include inlet moisture, outlet moisture, drying temperature of the product, and other details specific to the product.  Once the testing is done,  the parameters, equipment and controls are designed based on these specifications. It is important to note that while the Ventilex system can make adjustments to handle changes in parameters while running, going outside of the defined limits of the dryer may not produce the same quality of product. The controls take into account these limitations, and in some cases, suggest altering the parameters to maintain the process. These are not design flaws and should not be treated as such, but they are limits based on the physical and natural properties of the materials being dried.

The Ventilex operating system and its proprietary algorithms are integrated with our  sensor and PLC technology, resulting in fluid bed drying, cooling, or steam sterilization and steam pasteurization systems that are the most efficient available today.

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