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Guaranteed Energy Savings

Fluid Bed Dryers with Energy Saving ControlsWhen drying large volumes of material, energy consumption is your greatest controllable expense. Ventilex fluid bed dryers maximize return on investment by reducing energy expenses.

It may be hard to believe, but the energy costs per year to operate a large dryer are typically as much as the initial investment in the dryer. Ventilex dryers were initially designed to operate in Europe where energy costs are three times higher than in North America and therefore, reducing energy costs has been an engineering priority.

Ventilex pioneered state-of-the-art designs to recapture the thermal energy that was once just exhausted to the atmosphere.  Our design allows us to GUARANTEE you energy savings of 10 to 60 % over any other dryer manufacturer.

We are the only supplier that will provide a WRITTEN GUARANTEE of your energy consumption.  There is no fine print, we make it work.

With our dryers, the more you dry, the more you save on energy.

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