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Archived Brochures

Archived Brochures

Jun. 2013 NewsbriefVentilex Newsbrief – Jun 2014

Jun. 2014 NewsbriefVentilex Newsbrief – Jun 2013

Jan. 2013 NewsbriefVentilex Newsbrief – Jan 2013

Ventura BrochureVENTURA

Ventilex Air Pollution Control PDFVentilex Air Pollution Control

Ventilex Pasteurization & Sterilization BrochureVentilex pasteurization and sterilization

Polykath System BrochurePolykath system Ventilex

Ventilex Belt Dryers BrochureDryGenic Ventilex Belt Dryers with products

Imtech Drygenic BrochureBrochure DryGenic


Archived Application Briefs

Fluid Bed Application: Cheese DryingCheese Dryer

Fluid Bed Application: Drying Herbs & SpicesSpices and Herbs Decontamination

Fluid Bed Application: Breadcrumb DryingBreadcrumb Dryer

Fluid Bed Application: HTST Sterilization of Herbs & SpicesSpices, Herbs and Nuts Sterilization


Archived Whitepapers

Solar Salt Drying White PaperSolar Salt White Paper Ventilex

Herb & Spice Decontamination White PaperDecontamination Systems Herbs and Spices

Continuous Decontamination White PaperContinuous Decontamination low and high temp

Whitepaper - Drying Minerals and AggregatesWhite Paper – Drying Minerals and Aggregates

Fluid Bed Dryer Lifecycle Cost AnalysisFluid Bed Dryer / Cooler Life Cycle Cost Analysis



Advancements in Aggregate Dryers PDFAdvancements in Aggregate Dryers 2009

Limestone Drying Article PDFLimestone Drying

Sand Processing Article PDFSand Drying



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Mineral Drying

Engineering for energy efficiency and reliability make Ventilex fluid bed dryers more profitable for aggregate producers.

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Conditioning Product

Dry, cool or condition your product in the same fluid bed transport. Our sophisticated PLC controls & algorithms give you complete process control.

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